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A Little Feminism from a Girl Who Is Naked on the Internet

Sorta got hit with a double whammy of misogyny this morning, and it’s bothering me. 

Many of you will think I’m being overly sensitive and just brush me off, which you are perfectly within your rights to do, but I’m not the type to get offended by every little thing, so I’m going to go ahead and be offended in this one rare instance.

Okay, so I’m not a big fan of Top 40 music, but I am familiar enough with most of the current hits. I have heard “Blurred Lines” several times and have found it to be rather catchy, but have never really paid much attention to the lyrics. Cuz it’s just not the kind of thing I’m really into.

Neither had I seen the apparently controversial video. Up till now. 

Stumbling across headlines regarding Miley Cyrus’s racy new video for “Wrecking Ball”, I elected to watch to see what all the fuss was about. I didn’t really get the big stink over her VMA performance. I’ve seen much worse at Junior High dances of yore from the same Facebook “friends” who are leading the, “Whore!” battle cry. That said, I didn’t enjoy it—reeked of trying too hard, in my opinion. We get it, Miley—you’re not Hannah anymore.

After watching the video (and being absolutely bored halfway through because it, too, has the same, “I’m all grown up now,” stink), I saw the link to the uncensored video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. I had heard it was very sexy and just figured the uncensored version was a little more suggestive.

I was not prepared for tits and nude thongs. 

Now here’s the thing—I like tits and nude thongs just as much as any other not-completely-straight woman out there. But this bothered me SO much. Three nearly naked girls prancing around for two fully clothed men wearing smug expressions while messages regarding Robin Thicke’s penis size (Are you sure, Robin? Seems to me you’re overcompensating.) flash across the screen. Coupled with the lyrics I finally paid full attention to? Bitch? Seriously?!? That’s not sexy—that’s assholish. “I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two.” Not if you call me bitch again, you won’t!

Look, I realize the irony of a woman who takes her clothes off on the internet being ticked off by the objectification of women. But I don’t do it for any of you. I do it for me. When I post pics, it’s because want to post them. It’s because I enjoy it. Sometimes. And the reason you never see my face? It’s because I’m a person, not just a pair of tits and a pussy. I’m a person who has value completely unrelated to my body parts, and I’d like to have a life that doesn’t revolve around the fact that I do have those parts. 

I hate “Blurred Lines” for how it demeans women, but ALSO for how it is complicit with the asinine way that society depicts men, as nothing more than penises with arms and legs and teeny, tiny brains, thinking of nothing but what they’re gonna cum in/on next. Surely there is more to you than that, as there is more to me than tits and pussy. Surely you value more about the women in your life more than their abilities to give you sexual pleasure. Right? 

The nerve of Robin Thicke to imply that this is empowering to women. Empowering! “Because the woman has power over the man.” Yeah, and according to you, it’s all located within her labial folds. Asshat.

I won’t tell you about the second thing, as I’ve already rambled on more than I intended, and I probably took more offense to it than it warranted because of still being pissed off at the video. So anyway, dismiss on and commence with your comments regarding wanting to shove your massive cock right up the assholes of all the feminists in the world. I am ready for you, Internet.

Felt more like dressing up like a maid than actually cleaning…

Tumblr Angst

Whenever a stranger stares at me, I always think he recognizes me from Tumblr somehow.

Similarly, I always wonder if anyone I know in real life knows about it.



Would it be effective censorship if I just photoshopped man nipples onto girl nipples


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Because everyone should have an “arty” picture of her bush…

Because everyone should have an “arty” picture of her bush…


Cindy Clark, a Pennsylvania-based dog breeder decided to share these images of her then 3-month-old nephew with a few 3-week-old French bulldog puppies.

I know it’s not my usual, but I can’t NOT reblog this!

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